Price of clear braces for 1 jaw? Should I get braces on one jaw?

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Ngày: 17/12/2023
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How much do clear braces cost? Is it possible to get braces on one jaw or not?… are always questions that customers are interested in when they need braces but are worried about the cost. The article below will reveal the price list of 1-jaw clear braces at Da Nang Implant Dental Clinic

Price list for 1-jaw clear braces

Depending on the condition of the teeth, the price of braces throughout one jaw will vary. After receiving an examination to know the misalignment of your teeth, the doctors will advise you on specific costs.

Price list for 1-jaw clear braces

At Da Nang Implant Dentistry, you can refer to the braces price list that we have compiled below to make the right choice for yourself:

CategoryPrice (VND)
Orthodontic metal braces20.000.000 – 50.000.000
Orthodontic self-ligating metal braces24.000.000 – 54.000.000
Orthodontic ceramic braces24.000.000 – 54.000.000
Orthodontic self-ligating ceramic braces32.000.000 – 62.000.000
Invisalign clear aligner orthodontics60.000.000 – 120.000.000
Treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders with troughs5.000.000
Orthodontic retainer1.000.000 / 1 jaw

However, it is necessary to once again determine the purpose for which people get braces, which is to have healthy, even, and beautiful teeth. Therefore, the top priority should be the quality of service, not the price of clear braces for one jaw.

Should I get braces on one jaw?

According to dentists, single jaw braces are completely possible. However, whether it is effective or not depends on each person’s situation.

Single-jaw braces are completely possible, but it depends on each person's situation

There are quite a few cases where one jaw can be braced. This method is only applicable to those who have slight deviations in the jaw and ensures that it does not affect the bite after the braces are completed. In fact, most times when getting braces, doctors prescribe that patients should have both jaws done. Because braces not only correct dental conditions such as overbite, underbite, and misalignment, but also help adjust the bite and balance the relationship between the two jaws.

If braces are applied to one jaw, only the jaw will be braced inward, leading to an uneven bite between the two jaws, causing difficulty in chewing, and can even dislocate the temporal joint and change the voice.

Prestigious, quality single-jaw clear braces dentistry in Da Nang

Prestigious, quality single-jaw clear braces dentistry in Da Nang

Currently, there are many dental clinics that are established with advertisements for cheap braces and short-term braces, making customers feel confused. You should consider specific factors to choose a reputable and quality orthodontic dental clinic:

  • The team of doctors has practice certificates, degrees, and many years of orthodontic experience.
  • The clinic’s facilities and equipment are guaranteed, modern and clean.
  • Dentistry regularly updates new, advanced and modern techniques in the world.

Does the dental clinic have good customer service?

Price of clear braces for 1 jaw? Should I get braces on one jaw?

With the motto “start from the heart”, dentistry is always enthusiastic and dedicated to patients. Doctors closely monitor the process before, during and after dental implant placement to ensure effectiveness and safety. For free consultation, you can contact the dentist using the information below:

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