Are transparent braces good? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

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Ngày: 06/12/2023
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Transparent braces have high aesthetics and good treatment effectiveness, so they are trusted by many patients. The biggest barrier to this method is the large cost.

1. What are transparent braces?

Transparent braces use a system of appliances including ceramic brackets, archwires and elastic bands to straighten teeth. Ceramic brackets and wires are attached directly to the outside of the teeth, tied together with rubber bands. This system applies force to the teeth, slowly bringing them to the desired position on the jaw.

The only difference between this method and the traditional one is the color of the braces. Transparent braces use high-quality ceramic material, have high aesthetics, and look similar to real teeth. Therefore, it is very difficult for the other person to realize that you are wearing braces. If your job requires a lot of appearance, transparent braces will be the right choice.

Transparent braces have the same color as real teeth

Transparent braces have the same color as real teeth

2. How many types of transparent braces are there?

There are two main types of transparent braces: regular braces and self-ligating braces. Specific characteristics of each type are as follows:

2.1 Regular transparent braces

When using regular transparent braces, the wire is fixed on the braces with rubber elastics, which cannot change shape when the teeth move. This causes doctors to regularly replace new bowstrings for patients.

On the other hand, rubber bands will stretch and lose their elasticity after a while. For treatment to be most effective, patients need to have regular check-ups every 3-4 weeks.

The elastic band secures the archwire to the braces

The elastic band secures the archwire to the braces

2.2 Self-ligating transparent braces

Self-ligating transparent braces have a flexible automatic flap system that can open/close according to changes in the arch wire. At the same time, self-ligating braces can limit the possibility of the wire slipping out, applying continuous and steady force to the teeth. Thanks to this, the number of patient re-examination visits is reduced, saving time and effort.

On the other hand, when teeth move, the braces will slide on the wire to help limit friction. From there, the patient will have less pain and discomfort during the braces process.

The effectiveness of self-ligating ceramic braces

The effectiveness of self-ligating ceramic braces

2.3 Should transparent braces be usually used or self-ligating?

Each transparent braces method has its own strengths. For your convenience, we have created a comparison table below:

CategoryRegular transparent bracesSelf-ligating transparent ceramic braces
AestheticsThẩm mỹ cao, màu sắc tương đồng với răng tự nhiên
Braces sizeCompactBulkier and thicker
Treatment timeLasts longer than self-ligating clear braces4-6 months faster than regular braces
Feeling of pain and toothacheMore, due to the friction between the elastic and the wire when the teeth moveLess, due to the sliding lid system reducing friction
PriceCheaperMore expensive

3. Advantages and disadvantages of transparent braces?

Before deciding to get transparent braces, you should clearly understand the advantages and limitations of this method.

3.1 What are the advantages of transparent braces?

High aesthetics: this is the reason why patients love the transparent braces method. With a color similar to real teeth, it is very difficult for the other person to recognize that you are wearing braces.

Absolutely safe: transparent braces are made from high-quality ceramic material, safe for the patient’s health. Ceramic braces do not irritate the gums or soft tissue. The surface is smoothly ground with cleverly rounded edges to help limit oral damage.

Good effect: this method has high orthodontic effectiveness, quickly correcting defects such as bite misalignment, crooked teeth, gap teeth… If the patient uses self-ligating braces, the treatment time will be reduced. significantly shortened.

Change your smile, help confidence in communication

Change your smile, help confidence in communication

3.2 What are the disadvantages of clear braces?

Easily stained: transparent braces are easily contaminated with food coloring, which reduces aesthetics. To limit this condition, you should avoid eating and drinking colored foods such as tea, coffee, gac, curry… In addition, you should clean your teeth regularly to keep your braces clear!

High cost: the price of transparent braces is quite high, fluctuating between 24 – 62 million VND. This cost does not include other services such as X-rays, tooth extraction, bone grafting… You should go to a reputable dentist for detailed advice.

Dental braces are paid in 0% interest installments with simple procedures

Dental braces are paid in 0% interest installments with simple procedures

Causes discomfort in the beginning: the reason is because ceramic braces are thicker than metal braces. Patients will experience some discomfort and inconvenience during the time of getting braces. However, rest assured because this feeling will not last long.

4. Where is a reputable place to get transparent braces?

Transparent braces in particular and orthodontics in general require a high level of expertise from the doctor. Therefore, the doctor’s skills determine the reputation of dentistry. Coming to Da Nang Implant dentistry, patients can feel completely secure for the following reasons:

  • A team of experienced doctors, graduated from top prestigious universities in the country.
  • The doctor possesses a professional orthodontic certificate and continuously participates in domestic and international professional training courses.
  • The doctors are enthusiastic and dedicated, ready to answer all patients’ questions during the treatment process.
The doctor's expertise is the deciding factor for success

The doctor’s expertise is the deciding factor for success

Besides the human factor, Da Nang Implant dentistry is also known for its modern facilities, the most advanced imported machinery and technology, supporting the improvement of the effectiveness of transparent braces . In addition, the examination space is only 1 chair/room, ensuring privacy and comfort. Finally, it is impossible not to mention the standard aseptic process, keeping the patient’s health safe.

Danang Implant Dental Clinic is the leading dentistry in Da Nang

Danang Implant Dental Clinic is the leading dentistry in Da Nang

If you need transparent braces, please contact Da Nang Implant dentistry immediately for a free consultation:

5. Frequently asked questions about transparent braces

How are clear braces different from regular braces?

In principle, braces and braces transparent has no difference from the traditional method. This technique still uses brackets, wires and rubber elastics to create traction to move teeth. The biggest highlight of transparent ceramic braces is their high aesthetics, creating confidence for patients.

Are transparent braces susceptible to discoloration?

The disadvantage of transparent braces is that they are susceptible to discoloration, especially when patients use foods such as tea, coffee, gac, turmeric... To keep ceramic braces always bright and beautiful, you can use these following measures:

  • Clean your teeth regularly.
  • Use dental floss, mouthwash and water flosser.
  • Stay away from colored foods
  • Absolutely do not smoke.
  • Visit the dentist on time.

How much do transparent braces cost?

transparent braces cost from 24 - 62 million VND, depending on the dental condition and the type of braces the patient chooses (regular/self-tied). The above costs do not include other services such as full-mouth X-rays and minor surgeries such as tooth extraction and bone grafting (if any). For details, please contact Da Nang Implant Dental Clinic via hotline: 0899.412.412

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