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Dental Implant is a key service of Da Nang Implant Dental Clinic. Famous for its safety and reputation, we have placed implants in thousands of patients, restoring chewing function and bright smiles.

1. What is dental implant?

Dental implant are a method of restoring lost teeth by implanting a titanium post into the jawbone. It does not affect adjacent teeth like a traditional bridge, does not cause bone loss, and does not cause entanglement or discomfort like a jaw. fake disassembly.

2. Dental implants are safe

Safety is the top priority when we perform dental implant for patients. The prerequisite factor to ensure a successful surgery is the doctor’s expertise.

At Da Nang Implant Dentistry, we gather a team of leading doctors and experts in the field of dentistry, well-trained at prestigious universities with over 10 years of treatment experience. At the same time, doctors at the dentist possess professional dental implant certificates and regularly participate in professional training courses abroad.

Modern implant technology, international standards

Modern implant technology, international standards

In addition, an indispensable factor that contributes to ensuring patient safety is the supporting machinery system. Proud to be a modern, international-standard dentistry, we focus on investing in the most advanced technology. Typical examples are the Conebeam-CT imaging system, Piezotome ultrasound machine, DTE Implant machine, endodontic treatment machine…

Bring a happy smile with full jaw implants

Thanks to the perfect combination of people and technology, we can minimize the risks that occur when placing dental Implant such as:

  • Implants do not integrate with bone and are rejected by the body: This is the most common risk, accounting for about 5% according to reports around the world. Thanks to thorough diagnosis of each case, this rate at Da Nang Implant Dental Clinic is reduced to only 2%.
  • Implants open the maxillary sinus, invade and compress the mandibular nerve, causing numbness and paresthesia of the lips, cheeks, and tongue: To limit this situation, we use a Conebeam – CT HDX Will camera, which can be surveyed. special structures in the jawbone to come up with the best treatment plan.
Implants are safe and comfortable to eat and chew

Implants are safe and comfortable to eat and chew

3. Dental implants are less painful

This is a concern of many patients when undergoing dental implant treatment. Understanding this concern, we focus on minimizing pain during and after surgery. As follows:

  • During surgery: The doctor completely anesthetizes the bone area where the implant is placed, so the patient almost does not feel pain. The anesthetic is effective for 4-5 hours.
  • Post-operative period: There are two factors that determine the level of pain after surgery, which are the complexity and level of infection in the dental implant area.
It is the perfect method to restore chewing

It is the perfect method to restore chewing

The complexity of the implant area: The thicker the implant density, the greater the pain. To limit this, dentistry has thoroughly applied international standard technology, thereby minimizing damage to tissues around the teeth and reducing pain for patients.

Level of infection in the implant area: Dentistry strictly implements a 6-step aseptic process on all medical equipment and instruments. Therefore, infection in the implant area is maximally controlled, ensuring safety and minimizing pain.

In addition, the doctor will prescribe medications including pain relievers and antibiotics/anti-inflammatories for the patient. Patients need to comply with this prescription. The pain will only last for the first 3 days, then decrease quickly.

4. Dental implant price list

The cost of a dental implant includes 2 components: the dental implant and the appointment of additional minor surgery (if necessary). The most important component – dental implant includes:

  • The dental implant is made of titanium, has anti-wear and anti-rust properties and is designed to imitate a real tooth root. The dentist will fix the tooth post in the bone for 1 – 6 months and then restore the porcelain tooth above.
  • Porcelain crown: This is a tooth cap or crown designed with a hollow core to fit tightly onto the Implant. Porcelain crowns have the same shape, color and function as normal teeth.
  • Abutment: this is the part that connects the dental implant and the porcelain crown.
Dental Implant procedure

Dental Implant procedure

In case your current tooth condition cannot respond to treatment, the doctor will prescribe additional forms of minor surgery, specifically as follows:

  • Sinus lift: the purpose of increasing bone volume, helping the upper jaw to have enough height, density and volume to perform implant placement.
  • Bone grafting: when you lose teeth for many years, the bone will disappear, making it impossible to place an implant. Therefore, the doctor needs to prescribe bone grafting to increase bone density in the dental implant area.

Dental implant price list at Da Nang Implant Dental Clinic is as follows:

Danh mụcGiáGhi chú

Trụ Dio (Korea)

14.000.000Price includes: Implant + Abutment + Porcelain-titanium teeth

Trụ Euroteknika (France)

19.000.000Price includes: Implant + Abutment + Porcelain-titanium teeth

Trụ Nobel Active (USA)

29.000.000Price includes: Implant + Abutment + Porcelain-titanium teeth


120.000.000 – 170.000.000Price depends on the type of pole used


144.000.000 – 204.000.000Price depends on the type of pole used

Closed sinus lift

5.000.000Price applies to 1 location

Open sinus lift

10.000.000Price applies to 1 location

Bone graft

5.000.000Price applies to 1 Implant

PRF membrane grafting

5.000.000Price applies to 1 Implant
Implant – restore lost smile

Implant – restore lost smile

Let’s listen to what customers have to say about dental implants at the dentist

5. Who can get dental implants?

Dental implants, with their effectiveness and safety, are suitable for all cases of tooth loss. However, no method is absolutely safe. The following subjects need to be considered and thoroughly examined before undergoing dental implants:

  • Pregnant women.
  • People with diabetes are out of control.
  • People with infection in the area where the implant is intended to be placed.
  • People who have had radiotherapy to the jaw area.
  • People with dangerous chronic diseases such as heart disease and blood pressure.
  • Heavy drinkers and smokers.
Quality implants at Da Nang Implant Dental Clinic

Quality implants at Da Nang Implant Dental Clinic

6. How long does an implant take?

Normally, a treatment case will last 3-6 months with the following stages:

Stage 1: Implant placement surgery

This stage requires the following steps:

  • Step 1: CT scan of the maxillofacial area to determine the location of tooth loss, jaw bone quality, general health check and appropriate treatment regimen.
  • Step 2: Implant implant surgery, usually takes about 7-10 minutes for 1 implant.
  • Step 3: Take jaw marks and attach temporary teeth 2-3 days after implantation.
  • Step 4: Follow-up visit after implantation within about 7-10 days when the wound has healed

Stage 2: Ceramic Prosthetics on the Implant Pillar This is a fairly fast stage compared to the implant procedure?

  • Step 1: Check the integrity of the implant, which usually only takes about 30 minutes. This step is carried out about 3-4 months after completion of placement. Mainly to see if the implant pillar has integrated firmly and stably in the jaw bone or not.
  • Step 2: Take the porcelain tooth mark on the implant only about 30-45 minutes to complete, and send it to the Labo room to make dentures.
  • Step 3: Try and attach the fixed porcelain teeth on the implant after checking the bite, strength and aesthetics of the teeth, it takes about 60 minutes to perform.

Depending on the case, if there are diseases or dental problems that need treatment, the doctor will calculate to plan a treatment regimen, with a longer interval.

7. Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

7.1 What are Dental Implants?

Dental Implant is a method of restoring lost teeth by implanting 1 titanium pillar into the jaw bone, does not affect adjacent teeth like traditional bridges, does not cause bone destruction, does not cause entanglement, discomfort like removable dentures

7.2 Is dental implant painful or not?

  • Before surgery, you will be given painkillers, sedatives. Use sedatives when you have anxiety, nervousness
  • During surgery, the doctor will anesthetize the blockade completely blocking the sensory nerve branches that dominate the implant area, so almost during the surgery you have no feeling
  • After surgery, The doctor will carefully guide how to take medicine, oral hygiene so that the incision heals quickly

7.3 How to pay installment fees for implants at Da Nang Dentistry?

The payment for implant treatment will be divided into 2 stages:

Stage 1: Payment of 70% before surgery, cost of implant pillar and consumables during surgery

Stage 2: Payment of 30% upon completion of dentures on the implant (usually after 3-4 surgeries)

7.4 In which cases should the implant be implanted?

  • Loss of one, many, or all of the teeth on the bow of the jaw.
  • Age: over 18 years old (to ensure stable bone growth) and under 80 years old (limit implant failure to integrate into the bone).

Da Nang Dental Implant is still implementing a completely free consultation service, you can contact us at the following information:

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