Self-ligating Ceramic Brace

1. Self-ligating ceramic braces

Self-ligating ceramic braces, also known as self-closing/self-locking, are very similar to metal and ceramic braces. The braces are made of porcelain with self-closing latch or automatic sliding cover on the braces, replacing the elastic band of conventional braces.

Due to the self-closing latch, the self-ligating ceramic braces helps to ensure the pulling force on the teeth, moving them continuously to the correct position. Besides, the self-ligating braces cause less friction and discomfort while the orthodontic treatment with its small design.

The braces are made of porcelain with self-closing latch or automatic sliding cover on the braces, replacing the elastic band of conventional braces

The braces are made of porcelain with self-closing latch or automatic sliding cover on the braces, replacing the elastic band of conventional braces

2. Indication

  • Person who has uneven teeth affecting eating function or feeling unconfident in communication.
  • Person who has overbite (class II) or crossbite (class III) of mild and moderate severity.

Person who has deep overbite or crossbite which the bone has developed a deviation (underdevelopment or overdevelopment) that orthodontic treatment cannot compensate should choose braces combined with cosmetic jaw surgery.

3. Braces – old but never outdated

Nowadays, dentists can give you a confident smile with shiny teeth in just one week with all-ceramic restorations or porcelain veneers; however, there are some advice before choosing these methods:

  • If you are afraid of much real teeth grinding or sensitive feeling, all-ceramic dental restorations are not a good choice.
  • If your teeth are too displaced, it is not possible to perform a porcelain veneer restoration because we cannot tooth grinding too much (average 0.3 – 0.5mm). This is not enough to adjust the tooth shaft.

So, why braces are “old but never out of date”?

  • It takes about 1.5-2 years to complete metal braces orthodontic because the dentist can move teeth only 1mm per month. If moving more, it causes problems. A common question is “is it worth spending about 2 years on orthodontic braces?”. For those who want to have a beautiful smile with even and natural teeth, the answer will be “Yes”; however, it will be “No” for those who want to save time.
  • Orthodontics is considered the most complicated technique in dental procedures because it requires deep knowledge of the jawbone development mechanism, the physiological recovery mechanism, the physical principles for rotating teeth…
  • With modern dental trend towards “minimally invasive”, though technology has allowed to create artificial teeth, there will still be a large number of patients who have the opinion that “natural beauty is the most enduring beauty”. Therefore, orthodontic braces will never be outdated.

4. Ceramic braces – future trend

While metal braces have been around for a long time, ceramic braces have become more popular recently.

There are a few things you need to know to understand ceramic braces:

  • Basically, ceramic braces are similar to metal braces. However, the others easily recognize metal braces that makes you unconfident in communication. Ceramic braces ignore this disadvantage and be gradually alternative to traditional metal braces.

  • Advantages of ceramic braces: high aesthetics, safe and user-friendly materials, comfortable feeling, high bearing capacity.

5. Self-ligating ceramic braces vs ceramic braces

In addition to the advantages of ceramic braces, self-ligating ceramic braces have more advantages:

  • Stable traction, time shortening but still ensuring high orthodontic efficiency
  • Self-ligating ceramic braces minimize the situation of stretching and loosening bands.

6. Cost

  • From 30,000,000 to 50,000,000 VND

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