Besides experienced doctors and the qualified materials, the advanced technology application also plays a very important role to bring high efficiency and minimize the treatment time, especially in digital dental era. That is also the reason why Dental Implant International Da Nang always focuses on investing and applying the most modern and advanced technologies in the world to provide customers with high-quality dental services.

Cone Beam CT X-ray system

The 3D cone-beam CT machine uses an “cone type” X-ray and advanced two-dimensional detector to produce a 3-D image of the entire jaw structure with every important anatomical part and show the correlation between the upper teeth and the maxillary sinus, the lower teeth and the nerves; thereby bringing outstanding advantages:

  • Fast shooting, only take one minute to produce the high quality image of the whole face. The doctor can diagnose on the screen of the peripheral device, so the results are immediately available.
  • Effectively support in implant surgery, porcelain restoration, orthodontics, wisdom tooth surgery...
  • Safety because of the low amount of X-ray emitting from the machine in compare of old device.
Hệ thống chụp X-quang CT Cone Beam
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Periapical X-rays machine

The Periapical X-rays is a common technique in the dental examination, which can help doctors examine clearly the tooth morphology and adjacent structures. The survey area is limited to 2-3 teeth, limiting the maximum amount of rays used.

Implant surgery machine

The Implant surgery machine is a modern device that uses drill force to create suitable space for the type of implant used, ensuring that it does not cause invasion or affection to adjacent teeth.

Máy phẫu thuật Implant
Máy phẫu thuật cắt xương Piezotome

Piezotome Dental Machine

Piezotome Dental Machine is an effective technology supporting doctors in bone surgery, bone shaping, maxillary sinus lift, tooth extraction, etc. As the principle of ultrasonic waves, drills (from 0.2 to 0.5 mm) vibrate with selective frequency from 28 - 36 Khz that helps:

  • Act on hard tissues, do not hurt soft tissues, do not affect nerves and blood vessels around the root area.
  • Extract teeth quickly without pain, limit bleeding and speed up the healing.

3D smile design technology

3D smile design is a digital tool that helps doctors reshape the smile line, shape, and teeth color by 3D images through real images. Based on the analysis of the factors such as: crown length, smile line, tooth ratio, gum ratio, tooth color, gum color... the doctor designs a beautiful smile, thereby giving the most perfect treatment plan. The advantages of this technology are:

  • Predicting treatment results by images.
  • Easily discussing and choosing the optimal treatment plan.
  • Accurately identifying problems in order to avoid shortcomings in the implementation, bringing treatment efficiency and minimizing treatment time.
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Công nghệ PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin)

PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin) technology

PRF is a platelet-rich plasma membrane that is centrifuged from your own blood, separating platelet cells that accelerate the recovery of damaged tissues, speeding healing of blood vessels.

The advantage of PRF technology:

  • Be involved in the regeneration of damaged tissues and blood vessels after bone transplantation
  • Prevent tooth sensitivity after bone grafting
  • Create a stimulating bridge to help the implanted bone quickly adapt and connect with the jaw bone, saving treatment time for customers.

Surgical Guide Techniques for Dental Implant Placement

A surgical guide is built based on 3D Cone Beam CT film images and Implant design software. The surgical guide helps:

  • Determine the position, direction and depth of the Implant that will be inserted into the jawbone accurately, as well as the selection of the appropriate type and size of Implant to bring the best results.
  • Minimize errors occurring during surgery, preserve anatomical structures and minimize complications.
  • Hasten the transplant process and shorten the healing time.
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