Titanium Porcelain Dental Bridge

1. Titanium Porcelain Dental Bridge

Dental bridges help restore one or more missing teeth by creating a bridge between the two teeth next to the missing tooth area. 

For titanium porcelain bridges, the inner is made of titanium and the outer is covered with porcelain like the color of real teeth to ensure aesthetics.

Titanium porcelain bridges have high aesthetics and durability

Titanium porcelain bridges have high aesthetics and durability

2. Indication

  • Loss of one or more teeth with enough healthy real teeth in the two side of the missing tooth to make pillars.
  • If there are not enough strong real teeth for pillars or the remaining real teeth have periodontal disease, there is no indication for a bridge.

3. Advantages and disadvantages


  • High aesthetics: Natural color, nearly identical to the real teeth due to the porcelain layer, ensuring cosmetic after restoration.

  • High durability: Good force-resistant like real teeth, can chew, bite like normally due to the titanium body
  • Reasonable cost: 1,500,000 VND/tooth.
  • Time saving: The performance time of 3 appointments lasts 3-5 days.


  • Real teeth grinding: It is necessary to grind real teeth to make anchors to hold dentures.

  • Discoloration of the gingival: The oxidizing titanium can penetrate the gum tissue, causing the discoloration over time. This does not happen with all-ceramic dentures.

4. The process

1st appointment:

  • Examine and assess the damage.

  • Take X-ray film to check the damage around the tooth root (if any)

  • Carry root canal treatment (for teeth that are damaged to the pulp causing pain and swelling around the tooth) or filling to restore crown (for teeth with only external damage)

  • Grind the teeth so that the dentures can be placed on

  • Use special silicone used in dentistry to take impressions of teeth, send to the laboratory to make dentures

Titanium Porcelain Dental Bridge

Grind teeth

2nd appointment:

  • Test the frame to ensure a tight fit to the teeth
  • Mark the positions that are not close enough, then take impression again to proceed with editing.

3rd appointment:

  • Teeth final test, request for changes in color or shape (if any).

  • Permanently attach the restoration after you are satisfied with cement
Titanium Porcelain Dental Bridge

Final restoration with perfect fit

5. Cost

  • 1,500,000 VND/ unit 

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