What is the current price list for metal braces?

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Nowadays, more and more people want to learn about braces to have a set of beautiful, even teeth. Summary of types of braces, price list of metal braces and some information and notes for readers to refer to before getting braces.

1. What are metal braces?

Metal braces are a classic type of braces, used for a long time in orthodontics. The most obvious advantage of this method is that it is cheap, easy to use, durable and can be replaced when damaged or dropped. During use, doctors will tie the wire to the braces attached to the teeth with elastic or steel thread (Steel thread causes less food stickiness and less friction than elastic bands, so it is less painful).

Metal braces have the advantage of being cheap, easy to use, durable and can be replaced when damaged or dropped.

Metal braces have the advantage of being cheap, easy to use, durable and can be replaced when damaged or dropped.

2. What is the current price list for metal braces?

Currently, metal braces have many different prices, depending on the type of braces as well as the customer’s tooth condition. Below are factors that affect the price list of metal braces that you can refer to.

2.1 Braces method

There are currently 3 types of metal braces: Therefore, depending on the type of braces the patient chooses, the price will be different. Normally, self-ligating braces ensure high aesthetic factors, so the cost is higher than traditional metal braces. At the same time, the price of metal braces on the inside is also higher than the other two types.

International standard braces process at Da Nang Implant Dental Clinic

International standard braces process at Da Nang Implant Dental Clinic

2.2 Tooth condition

Each patient will have a different tooth condition and needs to be examined to come up with a suitable plan for a certain type of braces. In addition, tooth misalignment will also greatly affect the price of braces. Therefore, besides choosing the type of braces, the condition and degree of misalignment of the teeth also significantly affects the cost of braces.

However, to know exactly, patients should go directly to the dentist for examination and consultation. Through X-rays, the doctor will most accurately assess the tooth condition and create a treatment plan.

You can come directly to the dentist for examination and consultation to know the exact price list for metal braces

You can come directly to the dentist for examination and consultation to know the exact price list for metal braces

3. Types of metal braces

Currently, there are 3 types of orthodontic metal braces: fixed braces, self-ligating braces and lingual braces. There is a difference in the cost of metal braces between these 3 types of metal braces.

Comparison criteriaRegular metal bracesSelf-ligating metal bracesBraces on the inside of teeth
What does the structure include?

– 3 main appliances: Braces, wires and dental elastics.


– Dental elastic wraps around the joints of arch wires and brackets to create artificial sliding grooves to help stabilize teeth when they move.

– 2 main appliances: arch wire and brackets with windows.

– The bracket window contains the arch wire. The archwire slides freely in those grooves depending on the tooth alignment speed.

– Includes 2 main appliances: archwire and brackets with windows. However, depending on the case, other bracing methods with devices such as Brius, In Braces, etc. can be applied.

Outstanding advantages

– The orthodontic effect is relatively good.


– Compact braces design, does not cause discomfort or prolonged discomfort.

– Dental elastics come in a variety of lovely, cute, individual colors… suitable for both children and braces wearers.

– Lowest cost for all types of braces


– Good teeth alignment effect, most popular with customers.


– Cleverly designed braces do not come off easily.

– Orthodontic time is quick because there is no interruption due to dental elastics

– Reduces friction from the outside on teeth thanks to automatic braces, customers don’t have to worry about toothache or jaw sensitivity.

– Hide black metal brackets inside to ensure high aesthetics. Outside observers cannot clearly see that they are wearing braces.


– The effect of straightening teeth and bones is relatively good.

Disadvantages and limitations

– Although the elastic band is elastic, it creates friction between the wire connections and the brackets => customers feel pain, sharpness, and numbness in their teeth every time their teeth move.


– Dental elastic bands are elastic, so they will stretch after about 3-4 weeks, affecting the progress of braces.

– Customers have to replace broken or stretched elastics every 3 to 4 weeks for several years of wearing braces.

– Difficulty for doctors during re-examination, tooth tightening and brace removal.

– Black braces are easily visible when communicating.

– Customers chewing quickly and vigorously can cause the braces to come off automatically.


– Cost is higher than traditional passive braces.

– Revealing black braces on teeth.

– Bracing techniques can easily fail if poorly skilled doctors undertake it.


– Braces easily touch the tongue, causing tongue pain and scratching gums.

– The braces are attached inside the teeth so cleaning is very difficult.

Who is it suitable for?

– Customers are children 16 years of age or older.


– People with moderate finances

– Tooth misalignment is not too serious

– Suitable for all cases of mild to severe misaligned, overbite, underbite, and underbite teeth.– Suitable for people who want to get cosmetic braces and have jobs that require a lot of communication such as flight attendants, directors, lawyers, receptionists

4. Where to find reputable, quality, reasonably priced braces?

In Da Nang today, there are many different orthodontic and braces addresses. Among them, Da Nang Implant Dentistry is one of the reputable and quality units with extremely reasonable prices for metal braces. With experience in performing many successful braces cases, even in difficult cases, we still ensure to bring customers beautiful, even teeth with high aesthetic value.

Danang Implant Dentistry is the leading dentistry in Da Nang

Danang Implant Dentistry is the leading dentistry in Da Nang

Besides, Da Nang Implant Dentistry has many outstanding advantages such as:

  • The dental clinic is equipped with modern facilities and equipment to help serve the braces process quickly and effectively.
  • A team of highly specialized doctors with extensive experience in braces and orthodontics.
  • The process of examination, consultation, implementation, and care is professional, safe, and effective.
  • Reasonable braces prices, appropriate consultation for each tooth condition and specific customer needs.

5. Detailed metal braces price list at Da Nang Implant Dental Clinic

CategoryPrice (VND)
Orthodontic metal braces20.000.000 – 35.000.000
Orthodontic self-ligating metal braces24.000.000 – 39.000.000
Orthodontic ceramic braces24.000.000 – 39.000.000
Orthodontic self-ligating ceramic braces32.000.000 – 44.000.000
Invisalign clear aligner orthodontics60.000.000 – 120.000.000
Treatment of temporomandibular joint disorders with troughs5.000.000
Orthodontic retainer1.000.000 / 1 jaw

The price list for metal braces at Da Nang Implant Dental Clinic is ranging from 20 million VND – 39 million VND. In particular, Dentistry also has many attractive incentive programs.

6. Frequently asked questions

6.1 Which dentist's price list for metal braces is cheap?

Patients often compare metal braces price listamong dentists as a basis for selection. This is not wrong, but price has never been the deciding factor in the success of braces.

On the other hand, treatment costs at dental clinics do not differ significantly. If you find a dentist whose price is 30-40% cheaper than the average price, it is likely that the facility is of poor quality. Therefore, patients should consider a variety of factors before deciding to choose dentistry.

6.2 Why are the prices of self-ligating metal braces higher than regular braces?

The price of self-ligating metal braces is 4 to 8 million higher than regular braces. The reason is because self-ligating braces have many outstanding advantages:

  • Highly effective, faster treatment time.
  • Limit the number of visits.
  • Significantly reduces pain during braces.

6.3 Is it possible to pay for braces in installments?

The answer is yes. Da Nang Implant Dental Clinic supports patients with 0% interest installment payments. Patients only need a valid bank credit card, we will perform all remaining procedures.

6.4 How long is orthodontic treatment - braces?

The average orthodontic treatment time - braces is 1.5 - 2 years. Due to body physiology, each tooth can only move a maximum of 1mm/month. If it moves more, the bone will be irreversibly destroyed.

6.5 Should I choose braces or porcelain crowns?

Braces will help you have a beautiful smile with your natural teeth. However, the treatment time will be longer than with porcelain crowns

If you want to be naturally beautiful with your real teeth, braces are the best choice

With the motto “start from the heart”, dentistry is always enthusiastic and dedicated to patients. Doctors closely monitor the process before, during and after dental implant placement to ensure effectiveness and safety. For free consultation, you can contact the dentist using the information below:

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