Who is dental implant for? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

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Dental implants are a safe and effective dental restoration solution for the loss of one or more teeth. So what are the characteristics of this form, what are the advantages and disadvantages? Please find out through the article below.

1. What is a dental implant?

Dental implant placement is a popular denture implant technique today. A tooth root (implant) made of titanium is implanted into the jawbone at the location of the lost tooth, serving as a support for the porcelain crown. The implant and porcelain crown are connected by an abutment.

Lắp răng implant là kỹ thuật trồng răng giả phổ biến hiện nayParts that make up dental implants

It can be said that dental implant installation is a remarkable progress in modern dentistry. This method makes tooth replacement simple, effective and aesthetically pleasing. With this technique, patients can restore their ability to chew and communicate normally.

2. Who can install dental implants?

Dental implants effectively treat cases of loss of one or more teeth. Implants are quite safe, so they are suitable for most patients of many different ages. However, the following subjects should consider and examine carefully before deciding to have dental implants:

  • Pregnant women.
  • People with infection in the tooth loss area.
  • People who have had radiotherapy to the jaw area.
  • People with uncontrolled diabetes.
  • People with dangerous chronic diseases such as heart disease and blood pressure.
  • Heavy drinkers and smokers.

Before installing dental implants, you should have a general health check to understand your body condition. Then, choose a reputable dentist to ensure your safety.

Lắp răng implant điều trị hiệu quả các trường hợp mất một hoặc nhiều răngCome see your dentist for a detailed examination and consultation

3. What are the advantages of dental implants?

It is no coincidence that dental implants are becoming more and more popular and favored by patients. This technique has outstanding advantages such as:

3.1 Install the dental implant extremely securely

With the titanium post fixed to the jawbone, the dental implant is very secure, not loose like a removable denture. This helps patients easily chew and communicate daily, improving quality of life.

Với trụ titan được gắn cố định vào khung xương hàm, lắp răng implant rất chắc chắn, không bị lỏng lẻo như hàm giả tháo lắpRestore upper teeth with implants

3.2 Installing dental implants limits bone loss

When teeth are lost, the jawbone in that area will disappear, affecting the bite, causing mouth distortion and reducing the patient’s ability to chew. Installing dental implants early will minimize this situation, thereby protecting the patient’s health and aesthetics. Note, methods such as removable dentures or porcelain bridges do not prevent bone loss.

3.3 Install dental implants that have a long lifespan

Dental implants are significantly more durable when compared to other denture implant techniques such as porcelain bridges or removable dentures. If you take proper care and oral hygiene, dental implants can last up to 25 years or longer.

Lắp răng implant có độ bền cao hơn đáng kể khi so sánh với các kỹ thuật trồng răng giả khác như cầu răng sứ hay hàm tháo lắp.Fixed teeth in both jaws using implants

3.4 Install dental implants without invading real teeth

Installing dental implants does not affect the surrounding real teeth at all thanks to the use of titanium posts attached directly to the jawbone. Meanwhile, making a porcelain dental bridge requires grinding down 2 or more teeth next to the missing tooth to make a support. In the long term, those teeth will weaken, affecting the stability of the bridge.

4. What are the disadvantages of dental implants?

No method is absolutely perfect, dental implants also have their own disadvantages:

4.1 The cost of installing dental implants is quite high

Installing dental implants is a difficult technique, requiring doctors to have professional qualifications and modern equipment. Therefore, it is not surprising that the cost of dental implants is higher than other dental implant methods. If the patient does not have good finances, it will be difficult to access this form.

4.2 Dental implant installation time can be up to 6 months

Time is another barrier to dental implant installation. After implant placement, the patient must wait for the titanium post to firmly integrate with the jawbone before attaching the ceramic crown. This period lasts from 3 to 6 months. Therefore, implants are not suitable for people who need urgent tooth restoration.

4.3 Dental implants are not suitable for children under 16 years old

At this age, the jaw bone is still in the development stage. If dental implants are installed, there is a very high chance that the implant will be buried. Besides, low bone density makes the implant unstable. Patients need a thorough examination before deciding to have an implant.

Although there are many disadvantages, dental implants are still the optimal method to restore lost teeth. You should choose a reputable dentist to get the most effective implants.

Mặc dù có nhiều nhược điểm nhưng lắp răng implant vẫn là phương pháp tối ưu để phục hình răng đã mấtLower jaw implant using All-on-6 technique

5. Where is a reputable place to install dental implants?

Installing dental implants requires doctors to have good professional qualifications and modern machinery and equipment. Therefore, patients need to research carefully before choosing dentistry. In Da Nang, Da Nang Implant Dental Clinic is a pioneer in the field of implant surgery.

Lắp răng implant yêu cầu bác sĩ phải có trình độ chuyên môn tốt và hệ thống máy móc, trang thiết bị hiện đại.It is the perfect method to restore chewing

Every year, dentistry performs hundreds of different dental implant cases and all give satisfactory results. We satisfy patients thanks to the following advantages:

  • A team of excellent doctors with over 10 years of experience in the field of dentistry, graduated from top prestigious universities and possesses many prestigious training certificates.
  • Modern machinery system, international standard dental implant installation technology.
  • Private and comfortable dental space with only 1 chair/room.
  • Equipment sterilization process according to Ministry of Health standards, ensuring patient safety.
  • Enthusiastic and dedicated service to patients, ready to answer all questions.

Hệ thống máy móc hiện đại, công nghệ lắp răng implant chuẩn Quốc tế.Modern machinery system, international standard dental implant installation technology.

Regarding the price of dental implant installation, you can refer to the table below:

Dentium cylinder (Korea)14.000.000 VND10 year warranty
Euroteknika pillar (France)19.000.000 VND15 year warranty
Nobel Active Pillar (USA)29.000.000 VNDLifetime warranty
All-ceramic teeth on Implant (replace porcelain – titanium teeth)+ 2.000.000 VND 
Ceramic abutment (replace titanium abutment)+ 2.000.000 VND 
Restoration captures vis directly on the Implant+ 2.000.000 VND 
Plastic temporary teeth on ImplantFree of charge  
PMMA temporary teeth capture vis directly500.000 VND 
All-on-240.000.000 – 80.000.000 VNDPrice depends on the type of pole used.
All-on-4120.000.000 – 170.000.000 VND
All-on-6144.000.000 – 204.000.000 VND
Closed sinus lift5.000.000 VNDPrice applies to 1 location
Open sinus lift10.000.000 VND
Bone graft5.000.000 VNDPrice applies to 1 Implant
PRF membrane grafting5.000.000 VND
Lắp răng implant uy tín, chất lượng tại Nha Khoa Đà Nẵng Implant
 Install reputable, quality dental implants at Da Nang Implant Dental Clinic

Possesses a naturally beautiful smile with Da Nang Implant Dentistry. Contact us immediately for free consultation on dental implant installation in Da Nang:

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6. Frequently asked questions about dental implant installation

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are a method of restoring lost teeth by implanting a titanium post into the jawbone. It does not affect adjacent teeth like a traditional bridge, does not cause bone loss, and does not cause entanglement or discomfort like dentures. Removable. Dental implants are the most advanced technique today, helping patients restore aesthetics and chewing function.

Is dental implant installation dangerous?

Special anatomical structures in the maxillofacial region include:

  • Maxillary sinus relative to the maxilla
  • Inferior alveolar nerve canal to the mandible

Before installing dental implants, the dentist has a CT-Conebeam imaging system to help doctors survey, measure, and choose the appropriate type of implant to avoid damage to the above-mentioned anatomical structures. Thanks to that, the patient is not in danger during treatment.

At what age can dental implants not be installed?

Patients of the following ages need to consider and examine carefully before installing dental implants:

  • People under 16 years old: at this age, the jaw bone is still in the development stage, the implant is easily buried. Besides, low bone density makes titanium pillars unstable and unstable.
  • People over 80 years old: Elderly people are limited in integrating the implant into the bone. At the same time, the ability to create new bone cells is very slow, making them unsuitable for transplantation.
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