Are removable dental implants good? How much does it cost?

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Removable dental implants are a technique to restore one or more lost teeth at a reasonable cost, are safe and easy to clean daily. But every method has disadvantages, please follow the following article for more details.

1. What is a removable dental implant?

Removable dental implants consist of two parts: the jaw frame and above are the false teeth. The jaw frame is made from plastic or metal. Depending on each person’s condition, the doctor will prescribe the most suitable form. At the same time, the design fits tightly around the patient’s jaw, creating a comfortable feeling when wearing. The artificial tooth is made of porcelain or plastic, attached to the frame to replace lost teeth.

A removable denture model

A removable denture model

Removable dental implants can be applied to cases of losing one tooth, many teeth or the entire jaw. This technique is often applied to people who are not qualified for dental implants or porcelain bridges. Besides, removable dental implants are non-invasive and especially safe for the elderly.

2. Advantages of removable dental implants?

Some advantages of removable dental implant technology include:

2.1 Removable dental implants save costs

Among today’s popular tooth restoration methods, removable dental implants have the cheapest cost. The reason is because this technique has been around for a long time and does not invade real teeth or jawbone. Dental implants with removable dentures are also relatively easy to perform, and do not require high levels of doctor expertise or machinery or equipment.

The cost of removable dental implants is quite low compared to other forms

The cost of removable dental implants is quite low compared to other forms

2.2 Removable dental implants are safe for the body

Materials commonly used in removable dental implants such as titanium, porcelain and plastic are very safe for the body. These materials have all been tested to ensure safety and benignity, and do not irritate gum tissue, so patients can feel secure when using them.

2.3 Easy to clean when using removable dental implants

As the name suggests, removable dental implants make it easy to wear or remove dentures. Patients can clean their teeth and jaw immediately after eating, removing plaque and leftover food. Thanks to that, the teeth and mouth are always protected, avoiding diseases or infections.

You can remove the denture for cleaning

You can remove the denture for cleaning

2.4 Removable dental implants improve pronunciation

Elderly people with crooked teeth will affect their ability to pronounce. Removable dental implants can improve this problem, thereby contributing to improving the quality of life and mental health of patients. Besides, removable dentures also partially restore facial aesthetics.

3. Disadvantages of removable dental implants?

There is no absolutely perfect method, neither is removable dental implants. Disadvantages of this form of dental restoration include:

3.1 The jawbone disappears

This is the biggest disadvantage of removable dental implants. Unlike implants, removable dentures do not prevent bone loss. In the long term, users can experience receding gums, sunken face and accelerate the aging process.

Only the implant method can prevent bone loss

Only the implant method can prevent bone loss

3.2 Limited chewing ability

Removable dental implants can only restore 30-40% of the user’s chewing ability. Food that does not come into contact with the oral mucosa reduces appetite. On the other hand, you cannot eat foods that are too hard or too chewy, causing the meal to lack variety. Finally, removable jaws easily fall when the user eats, chews or talks because there is no fixed pillar.

3.3 Low durability

Removable dental implants have relatively low durability. After a period of use, plastic removable dentures are at risk of wearing out and becoming loose. This condition is even more serious in people who have the habit of grinding their teeth. Besides, dentures can also break when biting hard, chewing hard objects or accidentally dropping them.

Removable dentures have low durability

Removable dentures have low durability

3.4 Easily lost

Users need to clean removable dentures regularly, leading to many cases of them being forgotten or lost. In particular, the elderly have poor memory, so this condition is more common. This is also a major disadvantage of removable dental implants.

4. Compare removable dental implants with other forms

Below is a detailed comparison table of removable dental implants with implants and porcelain bridges:

FormRemovable dental implantsMake porcelain dental bridgesImplants
FeelingUncertain and less comfortableFixed teeth, comfortable and natural feelingTeeth are fixed, fit well and comfortably
Ability to eat and chewPoor, limited when encountering tough, hard foods; Can cause pain when chewingGood, restore chewing functionVery good, chewing function is superior to real teeth
ReliabilityPoor, often requires adjustment and restorationEvery 5-10 years, restoration is required due to bone lossAlmost permanent if used properly
AestheticsNot beautiful and not naturalNatural beautyNaturally beautiful, prevents aging due to bone loss
HealthJaw bone loss after a period of time causes facial agingJaw bone loss at the tooth loss site requires real teeth to be ground down to serve as a baseDoes not affect adjacent teeth, prevents bone loss
ClearMust be regularly disassembled for cleaning, especially after eatingEasier than removable dental implants, but requires careful care to avoid damage to real teethEasy to care for like real teeth
Execution timeFastIn 1 appointmentIf bone grafting is not done, it will be completed in 1-3 days

From the above comparison table, some comments can be drawn as follows:

  • Removable dental implants should only be done temporarily when financial conditions do not allow, or health is too weak to perform other forms of restoration.
  • If you have enough finances and health, implants will be the most optimal solution. In addition, you can also consider getting a porcelain dental bridge to reduce some of the cost.
You should go to the dentist to get advice from a doctor

You should go to the dentist to get advice from a doctor

5. Cost and dentistry for performing removable dental implants?

If you need removable dental implants, you can refer to the price list at Da Nang implant dentistry as follows:

TypePrice (VND)Guarantee
Removable dentures – Vietnam200.000  
Removable dentures – United States500.000  
Removable dentures – Composite700.000  
Flexible plastic jaw1.500.000 2 years
Titanium frame jaw3.500.000 2 years
Linked frame function – single6.000.000 2 years
Pair-bond frame function7.000.000 2 years
A detailed quote will be available after you have been examined and evaluated by a doctor

A detailed quote will be available after you have been examined and evaluated by a doctor

Besides the most competitive price for removable dental implants, Da Nang dental implant clinic also has many advantages:

  • A team of highly specialized and experienced doctors, graduated from top prestigious universities.
  • Modern technological machinery such as Conebeam X-ray CT system, 3D smile design technology, Piezotome ultrasound machine…
  • Private and comfortable medical examination and treatment space for patients with only 1 treatment chair/room.
  • Equipment sterilization process according to Ministry of Health standards, ensuring patient safety
  • Dedicated care for patients with the mindset “treatment starts from the heart”
Come to Da Nang Implant Dental Clinic for a free consultation

Come to Da Nang Implant Dental Clinic for a free consultation

6. Frequently asked questions about removable dental implants

6.1 Who should have removable dental implants?

Removable dental implants are suitable for the following subjects:

  • The patient has lost a group or several adjacent teeth
  • Elderly patients have too weak jawbones and cannot use other methods
  • Patients with low financial capacity.

6.2 Does removable dental implants prevent bone loss?

Unfortunately, removable dental implants cannot prevent bone loss. After a while, the user's face will show signs of aging due to muscle contractions around the mouth. To limit this situation, you should choose an implant.

6.3 What should you pay attention to when installing removable dental implants?

Some things to note when using removable dental implants include:

  • Clean your teeth and dentures at least twice a day
  • Dental should be removed before bed and soaked in diluted salt water or vinegar
  • Avoid letting the denture collide strongly or fall because it is very fragile
  • Avoid tough foods to increase jaw strength
  • When removing dentures, you can store them in a box or place them in a fixed place to avoid loss

With the motto “start from the heart”, dentistry is always enthusiastic and dedicated to patients. Doctors closely monitor the process before, during and after dental implant placement to ensure effectiveness and safety. For free consultation, you can contact the dentist using the information below:

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