Is porcelain dental bridge good? How much does it cost?

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Porcelain dental bridge implantation is an effective method to restore the patient’s chewing ability and aesthetics. Currently, porcelain dental bridges are chosen by many people because of their quick implementation time and reasonable cost.

1. What is a porcelain dental bridge?

Porcelain dental bridges are a fixed tooth restoration solution, helping to restore one or more lost teeth. This method not only improves the patient’s chewing function but also enhances facial aesthetics.

Similar to a traffic bridge, a porcelain dental bridge is composed of two parts: two (or more) pillars and a dental bridge. The abutment has the role of supporting the dental bridge, made from ground-up real teeth or implants. On those pillars, dental bridges are fixed to help fill the gaps of lost teeth in the jaw.

Porcelain dental bridges are highly aesthetic

Porcelain dental bridges are highly aesthetic

When implanting a porcelain dental bridge, patients can choose porcelain-titanium teeth or all-ceramic teeth. Below is a preliminary comparison table:

 Porcelain – titanium teethTeeth are all porcelain
PriceFrom 1.5 million VND/toothFrom 3 million VND/tooth
Supports chewing functionGood because it has a titanium frame.Very good. High quality porcelain teeth (Cercon, DDBIO, Lava,…) have a hardness of 800 Mpa, while real teeth are about 300 Mpa.
ReliabilityFrom 5 -7 yearsUp to 20 years
AestheticOver time, titanium oxidizes and can penetrate the gum tissue, causing the gum line around the crown to darken.Does not cause discoloration of the gum line. High-quality glass ceramics (Emax) are almost as transparent as real teeth.

2. How many types of porcelain dental bridges are there?

Porcelain dental bridges include 4 main types as follows:

2.1 Traditional porcelain dental bridge

With this method, healthy teeth on both sides of the tooth loss space will be selected as abutments. The dentist grinds down the abutment teeth, then attaches the porcelain bridge. Porcelain dental bridges are formed from many porcelain crowns connected together, simulating the shape and size of the lost tooth.

Traditional porcelain dental bridge

Traditional porcelain dental bridge

2.2 Planting a porcelain dental bridge

When planting a porcelain dental bridge, the dentist usually only uses one abutment tooth to support one crown. The number of abutment teeth is reduced so the stability of the Pass porcelain bridge is not good, strong biting force will affect the abutment teeth. Therefore, dentists very rarely use this method, if at all, it only applies to front teeth.

Porcelain dental bridge

Porcelain dental bridge

2.3 Planting Veneers porcelain dental bridge

Planting a porcelain dental bridge helps preserve the abutment teeth as much as possible. The dentist uses a metal or ceramic bracket to attach to the back of the two abutment teeth, so there is no need to grind many teeth. However, veneered porcelain bridges have poor bearing capacity and can easily fall when chewing vigorously, so they are only suitable for replacing front teeth. People with weak abutment teeth or a deep bite or crossbite cannot apply this method.

Veneers porcelain dental bridge

Veneers porcelain dental bridge

2.4 Planting a porcelain dental bridge with an Implant 

If the patient has lost many teeth or the teeth are weak, the dentist is required to insert an implant into the jawbone. This method does not affect natural teeth and has the highest stability.

Porcelain dental bridge with implant support

Porcelain dental bridge with implant support

3. Is porcelain dental bridge good?

Porcelain dental bridge is an effective method to restore teeth with advantages such as:

  • Implementation time is quick, total treatment time is only about 4-5 days.
  • Restore chewing function because porcelain bridges have good hardness and bearing capacity.
  • Porcelain teeth have a natural color, similar to real teeth. Therefore, planting a porcelain dental bridge will help improve facial aesthetics.
  • Restore pronunciation and communicate more clearly.
  • Porcelain teeth are a health-friendly material that does not irritate the tissues in the oral cavity.
  • The usage time is quite long if the porcelain dental bridge is properly cared for and cleaned.

At the same time, porcelain dental bridges can prevent complications caused by tooth loss such as:

  • The teeth on either side and above the missing tooth move when there is space in the jaw.
  • Temporomandibular arthritis is caused by tooth loss.
Porcelain dental bridge with implant support

Porcelain dental bridge with implant support

Patients need to be thoroughly examined before implanting a porcelain dental bridge

However, porcelain dental bridges also have disadvantages:

  • To successfully perform this method, the real tooth used as the abutment must be healthy. Therefore, not all cases of tooth loss can be implanted with a porcelain dental bridge. In addition, if done incorrectly, the abutment tooth can become sensitive or affect the tooth pulp.
  • In cases where many teeth are missing or the tooth loss space is too long, a porcelain dental bridge will not be the optimal choice.
  • Porcelain dental bridges cannot prevent jaw bone loss, because this method does not replace tooth roots. After a long time, bone loss will weaken the supporting teeth, causing exposed roots.
  • Patients may have difficulty cleaning dental bridges. Poor dental bridge hygiene is the cause of bad breath and gingivitis due to food accumulation under the bridge.
Instructing patients on proper oral hygiene is essential

Instructing patients on proper oral hygiene is essential

4. How much does it cost to implant a porcelain dental bridge?

The cost of implanting a porcelain dental bridge depends on the number of missing teeth, oral health status as well as the material chosen by the patient. Below is a price list of some popular types of porcelain teeth:

Type of porcelain teethPrice (VND)Guarantee
Porcelain – titanium teeth1.500.000 VND2 years
Korean porcelain teeth3.000.000 VND5 years
Cercon porcelain teeth5.000.000 VND10 years
DDBIO all-ceramic teeth5.500.000 VND15 years
LAVA porcelain teeth6.000.000 VND10 years
EMAX all-ceramic teeth7.000.000 VND10 years

*The above prices are for reference only

5. Where is a reputable place to plant porcelain dental bridges in Da Nang?

As one of the first professional dentists in the Central region, Da Nang Implant Dental possesses strengths in porcelain dental bridge planting services in Da Nang. Doctors at the dental clinic graduated from top prestigious universities in the country with more than 10 years of experience in the field of dentistry.

Da Nang Implant Dental Clinic

Da Nang Implant Dental Clinic

In addition, the pioneering dentistry applies leading machinery and technology to improve efficiency when planting porcelain dental bridges. Some types of machines include the periapical X-ray system, Surgery X implant surgery machine or 3D smile design technology.

At the same time, the medical team is always dedicated and attentive to patients, ready to answer all questions during the treatment process. Medical instruments are thoroughly sterilized after use. Furthermore, each clinic has only 1 chair, ensuring privacy and comfort for patients.

Is porcelain dental bridge good? How much does it cost?

Is porcelain dental bridge good? How much does it cost?

6. Frequently asked questions about porcelain dental bridges

6.1 How much does it cost to implant a porcelain dental bridge?

The cost of porcelain dental bridge depends on the following factors:

  • Number of missing teeth (or number of crowns in a porcelain bridge)
  • Type of porcelain teeth used
  • Costs for treatment of other diseases (if any)

At Danang Dental Implant Danang, porcelain - titanium teeth have the lowest price of 1.5 million/tooth, EMAX all-ceramic teeth have the highest price of 7 million/tooth. Please refer to the detailed price list here:

6.2 Are porcelain dental bridges durable?

Porcelain dental bridges made of porcelain and titanium have a lifespan of about 5 years. Meanwhile, if using all-ceramic teeth, the lifespan of the bridge can be up to 20 years. In addition, the following factors also have a great influence on the durability of porcelain dental bridges:

  • Quality of abutment teeth: strong, strong abutment teeth will help the porcelain bridge stand firmly over time.
  • Doctor's expertise: it can be said that this is the most important factor, determining the success of the treatment. A highly skilled doctor will help increase the durability of the porcelain bridge.
  • Oral care: Proper and scientific dental care not only prolongs the life of the porcelain bridge but also helps limit common diseases.

6.3 Should I get a porcelain bridge or an implant?

If you have a limited budget, porcelain dental bridges are the right choice. In other cases, implants will be an outstanding solution with advantages such as:

  • Prevent bone loss, preserve facial aesthetics over time.
  • Do not have to grind real teeth next to the tooth loss area.
  • Better chewing ability than porcelain dental bridges due to sturdy titanium posts.
  • Lasts forever if properly cared for.

If you have any questions about installment braces, please contact us for a free consultation!

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